Trixter, a Cushing’s Success Story

TrixterDr. Cassie,

I just want to thank you for resurrecting Trixter with your Herbal Cushing’s Mixture.  It took about two and half months but the difference is dramatic.

For the last eight months Trixter has just been very lethargic, and unresponsive, was not sweating, did not shed out his winter coat and his sheath area
was enlarged and he was consuming large quantizes of water.  I had him tested for Cushing’s and he was a 220 on the scale.  I am not sure what this means in relation to the severity of the disease, but I do know he was in BAD shape.

Trixter is a very active and mischievous horse.  He is nineteen going on two, so I knew something was not right.  I called you the day I received the diagnosis and we discussed what his needs were.  I received your product in a few days and got him started.  At first he would not eat it, so I just left it in his feed bin and would mix it in with is feed.  Eventually he started eating it and he slowly started improving.

I have not ridden him much over the last eight months as I was afraid he would die in the heat of the summer since he was not sweating. Well this past Saturday, I took him on an hour and a half trail ride and he sweated all over, crow hopped and pranced all the way back to the barn. He is now sweating, his eyes are bright, shedding and he is back to living up to his name TRIXTER!

I can’t say THANK YOU enough,  Trixter and I have been together for sixteen years and he is the LOVE of my life!

Sincerely A Very Satisfied and Grateful Customer,

Gina and Trixter Lyons

P.S. Thank you to my Great Friends Lynda and Perfect who steered me in the right direction for treatment.


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