Dr. Cassie, you have given my Dad another 10 years of his life and definitely given Docko another chance at life. You are a miracle worker.  Sheila, daughter of Lennis Ainsworth, owner of Docko, 5 year old Paint.








“Although my horse is older I couldn’t say it any better for my horse “Perfect”, our perfect miracle…….he needed the TLC 24/7 and Dr. Cassie delivered just what he has needed……..he loves you Dr. Cassie and like I said he will probably never want to leave the Wellness Ranch….Cassie, you are a very special lady to me as well….we love you! Thank you!“ Lynda Kuenzle, owner of Perfect, 12 year old AQH





I am touched and overwhelmed with gratitude. You take the Spirit of Love and put hands and feet to it and give it life in the real world. I think those photonic light treatments were the ticket to Kossini’s healing. Thank You!!!! Pam Fowler Grace, dressage trainer and owner of Kossini









“I’ve lost count now of how many horse you have helped me with Dr. Cassie! I know you saved Nugget and Blackberry’s lives, and you gave CJ a longer life. I really don’t remember how many others you’ve helped me with. You go BEYOND what anyone expects, you have more love and care in your heart for animals than some people will ever know. People are taught to think inside a box, especially horse people! Don’t give up, the ponies need you! Nugget looks great by the way and Blackberry is out RUNNING on 165 acres, you’ve got to come see her!” R. Gillman, natural horsemanship trainer, Chappell Hill, TX, owner of Nugget, 30+ palomino






Dreamy is doing awesome – no more ulcers or tying up! I really didn’t believe there was anything you could do to help but here’s the proof it’s working: she’s jogging again and ready for her first race, her coat is shiny and her eyes are bright. We’re ready for another refill please. Michelle Lovell, TB trainer







“When my old 33 year old show horse was hanging on to life by a thread you made her last months bearable with light laser treatments to relax her old tired muscles and put her mind at ease. She loved when you would come and love on her. You were really gracious with her!  By nourishing them properly, you should have less vet bills. With the doctors and the vets, they are both trying to do the same thing – make us well – just in a different ways. We need them both, so knowledge is power!” H. Carlile, manager, Thoroughbred barn, Chappell Hill, TX, owner of Suzy






Gretzky has been doing amazing on your products. His heels are so much better, only scar tissue now. He has made $75k this year and is going for another $100k this Saturday. Julie Walker, Alberta, Canada






“My young mare Haley was lame, sore all over and blood work did not show anything wrong. 3 months of your special blend herb therapy and feed recommendations and she is sound and moving fluidly. I have NEVER seen her so relaxed! She is a totally different horse and it is thanks to you that we are having the best trail rides ever now!!!!  I recall when you shared your pictures of your boy who you had to say goodbye to. I felt him so tired, you so loving. Your sharing of that raw moment and event so moved me – I felt your heart and ached with you. You remind me to live in the ‘now’ and be joyful.” E. Barry, musical composer for Dressage freestyle competition, Huntington Station, NY, owner of 7 year old Haley



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  1. Judy

    Cassie’s ranch is the PERFECT place to keep my horses. She is a fine, caring person and extremely knowledgeable about the total care of horses. She goes out of the way to help. You can’t go wrong!!!


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