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“I think I am here on this earth to say: ‘Don’t give up. There is somebody here who believes in you. There is somebody over here who will walk with you on a different path altogether.”

My spleen is gone. That means my immune system is affected. When a woman has a compromised immune system she is supposed to get sick a lot. But I am a naturopath who believes deeply in the healing power of whole foods. I travel once a month to see a naturopath myself.

For years now, I have been taking a whole food supplement that “stands in” as my spleen. Emotionally, a spleen represents self confidence. When I am taking my supplement I feel so much better overall and I make decisions about my life from an entirely different place than when I don’t have its support.

This is how naturopathy works – it takes into account and encompasses so much more than the mindset of treating a symptom with a drug.

People – and horses – for that matter, come to me because they are in chronic discomfort and pain. As a doctor of naturopathy, I can guide you and your horse to a much healthier place.

A New Paradigm
We won’t get to this place by masking symptoms. Nor will we get there by taking a drug or a synthetic substance – even if that synthetic substance is something as seemingly benign as a vitamin/mineral supplement. Those things all fall under “The Band-Aid” approach category.

Yes, we sometimes need medications to save our lives and our horses’ lives. But those medications don’t sustain life. They simply get us out of an emergency.

The energy in foods, the energy in herbs, works with the energy in living things. They are compatible forces of nature and they are recognized and therefore useable by the body. The body doesn’t see them as a foreign substance and therefore fight them. Instead, in its innate wisdom, the body utilizes them. This is the approach of holistic care.

Science comes from a completely different paradigm. I speak not from a theoretical paradigm – but from experience.

My Own Nightmare – and Healing
When I was 14 years old I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Stage I. The doctors treated me with cobalt, a form of radiation therapy to kill cancer cells.

The therapy destroyed my thyroid.

My maternal grandmother, Grace Roller, saw that this therapy was not supporting me. And so when I left the hospital she took on the responsibility of my healing.

Fasting, juicing, herbal teas, sunshine, exercise, clean water, yoga, meditation – and simple raw foods. These were the tool of my grandmother’s healing arsenal. The cobalt treatment drained my body of its life force. My grandmother’s treatment renewed my body, my mind and my spirit. Gradually, my health and strength returned.

I now run Wellness Ranch in southeast Texas, a premiere therapeutic facility for both equine clients and for people recovering from traumatic illness or disease. I lead workshops, treat Olympic level horses, and consult with people throughout the world.

Early 2014, at age 55, I was once again facing cancer. In fact, not just one type, but two. As a result of the cobalt treatment I received at age 14 for the Hodgkin’s Disease, my body developed what is known as “radiation induced cancer” in the area I had received treatment – my chest. Ergo the breast cancer diagnosis. A few days later I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

It gets complex.

For over forty years my body had been missing vital organs that support immune function. My body had always been prone to stomach distress from food allergies and sluggish digestion. To the best of the oncologist’s knowledge, the organs I had been missing for so many years, combined with the prior cancer treatment, left me vulnerable to mutating cancer cells in my digestive tract and colon as my body aged.

Can you imagine where I would be had I not been such an advocate of a holistic lifestyle and diet?

I made the decision to combine the best of both worlds: Science combined with naturopathy. Chemo combined with juice fasting. Surgery combined with prayer, meditation, guided imagery, and mild exercise. Every single day I pay careful attention to what goes in my body.

Now you can understand why I am so absolutely passionate about holistic care and wellness.

Now you know why I can say: “I think I am here on this earth to say: ‘Don’t give up. There is somebody here who believes in you. There is somebody over here who will walk with you on a different path altogether.”

The Wellness Path
This path is not so much about reaching a single destination and then stopping – it is about a way of life. It is as much about seeing yourself and your horse from a new perspective as it is about finding any single one solution to a problem.

Yes, we will overcome health challenges. But first we will examine the patterns and intricacies of the challenge itself.

For example, say you or your horse is having thyroid issues. My training as a naturopath taught me to deal not only with the thyroid, but with the body’s resulting inability to efficiently utilize calcium, as this the uptake of calcium is a responsibility of the thyroid. So we will always be taking on a broader perspective than that of “the problem.” We will always be treating the body as a whole.

This is why what we accomplish together will be about sustenance – not just maintenance.

With every herbal formula I create for you or your horse, with every change we make, we are building and sustaining health. We are creating a foundation that is real and very strong.

True Health
I am going to make a bold statement here.

You have exhausted your knowledge base and you are nevertheless facing health challenges.

You feel you must learn even more, do something different. How do I know this?

You are here on this page.

People who find me here have tried everything they know to help themselves and their horses.

The traditional paradigm of western/veterinary medicine has left them wanting.

You may have a lot of pre-conceived ideas about the holistic path. A lot of people are talking about it – it’s almost become a cliché. But I can promise you that what we’re going to do is anything but trite. We are going to step onto a path that will unveil to you a whole new way of connecting to yourself, to your horse – and an entirely new way of health.

Edited by Lori Teresa Yearwood; 2014 cancer edits by Dr. Cassie

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