Our Team

Dr. Cassie Schuster, ND

Equine & Traditional Naturopathic Doctor

Wellness Ranch was founded in 2002 by Cassie Schuster, a nationally board certified traditional naturopath and Master Herbalist. Born in Houston, Texas, Dr. Cassie is a 3rd generation health advocate who started her “practice” in 1974 after the diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Disease, a type of lymphatic cancer.

Immersed in a life of plant medicine and raw food diet she learned first hand the connection between life-giving whole foods, a positive attitude, and healing.

In 2006 Wellness Ranch built a new barn with multiple stalls and run-ins, a treatment stall for foaling and other special needs, and additional amenities to care for the difficult cases in the area. From horses with Cushing’s Disease to end-of-life care, Wellness Ranch established a reputation for providing compassionate one-on-one care.

In 2010 Wellness Ranch moved to a larger equine property in Waller, Texas – our current location. Equipped with a Therapy Barn, isolation area, four additional stalls for medical and surgical after-care, and multiple paddocks with run-ins, the current property offers room for horses to recover step-by-step in a quiet, healing environment. Our facility includes a fully furnished apartment above our Therapy Barn, called the Loft Pony Motel B&B, for clients wanting to stay with their horse during critical stages of care. The Pony Motel is also available as a get-away to rest and relax.

Dr. Cassie is dedicated to promoting holistic practices and the use of whole food as a platform for healing. As a cancer survivor, she understands that each body is unique and responds to treatment differently.  She is a 2nd generation Texas Aggie and an advocate for abandoned and abused animals.   Click here to read Dr. Cassie’s credentials.  Click here to Meet Dr. C and read her bio.

Will and Anita Jordan, DVM………………………..

Will and Anita..


Angela Chenault, DVM

La Paloma Equine Clinic

La Paloma Equine Clinic was founded by Angela Chenault, DVM in 2005. Dr. Chenault is originally from Louisiana where she received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at Louisiana State University.While working towards her DVM she was a member of The Society of Phi Zeta which is an honors group for veterinary medicine students. She was also a member of Who’s Who Among College Students and The Honors Society of Agriculture, Gamma Sigma Delta. During Vet school she completed internships at breed and world shows, which has made her diversified with the different disciplines and breeds.

Once graduating from college Dr. Chenault moved to Texas to start practicing at a private clinic near her home. During this time she gained alot of first hand knowledge outside of a University atmosphere and also gained the respect of the equine community in her area. Over the past year Dr. Chenault has opened her own clinic with the hopes of better serving the horse community.

La Paloma Equine Clinic is located in Waller, Texas which is 35 miles northwest of Houston. We service approximately a 50 mile radius around Waller. Though Dr. Chenault is mainly mobile she does have a clinic for in-house services. Dr. Chenault tries to give back as much as she can to the Equine Community by sponsoring equestrian events and giving clinics, and seminars.

Dr Chenault has something that can not be taught in any classroom, a true love for animals and a heart as big as Texas itself when it comes to helping them. She loves her work and is a true healer which shows through her actions with every animal she treats.


Heidi Lowthorp

Barefoot Hoof Trimmer, Trainer

Heidi Lowthorpe is a trainer and professional barefoot hoof trimmer who focuses her talents on Friesians, Gypsy Vanners and warmblood horses. Her method of getting to know her equine clients needs, strengths, and weaknesses make her a valuable team member.

In addition to training and trimming, Heidi endorses a whole food diet approach and helps her clients examine and understand how hoof care and nutrition are related.




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