Special Needs

Wellness Ranch Senior Activities

Activities for Every Ability

There is something for every ability at Wellness Ranch.

WR Senior HemiFrom senior needs to wheelchair accessibility to learning differences, we offer a safe and fun experience for all.

Working with horses allows our guests to interact without language; to reach out and up and exercise their limbs; to increase mobility; and to build a bond with an animal through unconditional love.


Meet Our Herd of Awesome Horses

  • Hemi, age 35, Lipizzaner. Hemi was rescued as an elderly starving, abandoned horse and rehabbed into the wonderful gentleman of today. Hemi enjoys grooming, being walked on a lead rope, and going through the noodles and teeter totter in the Pony Playground, our obstacle course. Hemi loves having his picture taken!Wellness Ranch Lipizzaner Hemi






  • Fancy, age 7, Gypsy Vanner. Fancy is a gentle mare with a huge heart. She enjoys brushing and braiding her long thick mane. Fancy enjoys taking kids and adults on a slow walk around the pasture. Fancy makes friends with everybody she meets!

Wellness Ranch Fancy GV







  • Docko, age 7, Quarter Horse. Docko was training as a cutting horse when he had a horrible accident that left him unable to work. We took him in and rehabbed him and he now has his forever home at Wellness Ranch. He is a gentle boy who loves to please. Docko enjoys being groomed, so much so that sometimes he falls asleep! Docko is excellent at walking beside wheelchairs and making sure his new friend is having a good time. Docko also loves to hula hoop! WR Docko AQH 2015






  • Bella, age 22, Thoroughbred. Bella is another one of our successful rescues. She is quiet and prefers visiting at the fence and sharing treats. Bella enjoys having her picture taken and she especially likes senior visitors. WR TB Bella








  • Windstar, age 4, QH Paint X. Windstar is currently in training to be a Wellness Ranch therapy horse. He is sweet, curious, and loves to follow your every step and watch everything you do. He is excellent at the hula hoop and wearing a tarp like Superman!  WR Paint Windstar








  • Candy, age 18, Quarter Horse. Candy is very shy and quiet. She used to be ridden a lot by previous owners, but now enjoys her quiet time at the ranch. Candy loves to be brushed and groomed. She is very polite and wants to be friends.  WR QH CandyCandy loves fresh veggies and fruit.


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