Movement & Rhythm

Loosen up! Laugh it up! Tap into your JOY!

  • belly dancing lessons
  • yoga stretching and breathing
  • drum circle
  • hula hooping

Physical exercise and movement increase oxygen intake, vital to every cell in the body. Healing. Joyful.

Movement classes are taught by —

Jessica “Ruby” Hernandez, M.A., LMFT, E-RYT

Ruby’s specialization is working with people who have faced severe trauma in their lives. She has been working with clients with symptoms of PTSD since 2009, teaching yoga, mindfulness + coping skills since 2004, and helping clients reconnect to their body, their emotions, and to the present moment in order to find healing. Her passion is to empower others to cultivate deep presence for themselves, find their way to their own heart, and live from the alive presence of Spirit within. Bottom line: helping people feel good about who they are and how they experience life.

Ruby’s approach to working with PTSD is based on mindfulness, body awareness, and somatic techniques to help calm the nerves and create not only self-connectedness and inner peace, but also space between the client and the traumatic event they experienced.

Ruby works with clients individually, in person or via phone, and leads workshops + retreats, facilitating the creation of sacred spaces within which healing may manifest.




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