Art Afternoon

Remember how exciting it was to get a new coloring book as a child? You didn’t put any therapeutic value on it – you just did it because it was fun!

snoopybirdLearn to tap into that inner playful child again through artistic expression. Through art, there is often healing as the mind quiets down and the heart can tell its story.

  • Crayons, chalk
  • the meaning behind colors
  • nature mandalas
  • paper mandalas
  • prayer flags
  • dream catcher’s
  • bead projects
  • mixed media collages
  • journaling
  • body mapping

Art therapy at it’s best.

Art Afternoon is just that – an afternoon immersed in a dedicated project. You finish the project. You take it home and admire your creative talents, patting yourself on the back for a job well done. You thrive.

Repeat next week!

November 7, 2015 Buddy Bonus – Beaded Bracelets

September 2015 Make & Take project – Wrap Bracelets


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