Natural Pest Control


I came across this list of plants from an article by that I thought I would share with other horse owners and gardeners.

Chances are you already grow some of these plants, but when you group several types together, you enhance the effects of deterring biting insects that can bother you, your horse, and other pets.

All of these herbs are safe for horses if they decide to do a taste test like our senior gelding Hemi loves to do!

  • Basil – who doesn’t love a continual supply of basil for cooking and fresh salads!
  • Catnip – a member of the mint family. Yes – your cats will want to roll in them so use them as underplantings to other flowers and plants.
  • Lavender – comes in several varieties. Look for one that will do well in your growing region. In addition to keeping them in the garden, dry some of the flower buds and sprinkle around the house, both inside and out, to deter insects. Some people say that dried lavender deters mice.
  • Lemon balm – makes a lovely tea with it’s relaxing properties.
  • Peppermint – if you don’t want peppermint invading your entire garden, plant inside another plastic pot in the ground to keep roots from spreading. Mint can also be grown in containers. Or, do what we do and let it create an aromatic ground cover.
  • Rosemary – adds a wonderful aroma to the front of your door/entry.
  • Sage – cooking with sage adds another dimension to sauces and meats.


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