Happy New Year 2013: Celebrating Hemi

TBAR gains custody of Hemi in March 2011

A2 062811 blind eye

Hemi arrives at Wellness Ranch June 28, 2011

A3 062811 right side

Hemi has a body score condition of 1 as of June 2011

A4 062911 spine view

Hemi is physically challenged from his neglect but mentally sharp.

A5 080211

Gradually gaining weight after 2 months with a diet that includes whole foods.

A6 pedi 2 102611

After 4 months Hemi is stable and ready to start hoof trims.

A7 angel face 113011

Hemi 6 months after his arrival at Wellness Ranch.

A8 come on in 0712

A year after adopting Hemi – playful and healthy!

A9 Hemi Belle 071312

Hemi’s emotional health was supported by giving him a job mentoring yearling Belle. The two have become best buddies.

B1 caught ya 090112

Hemi likes helping with chores around the barn.

B2 smoothie lips 1112

Hemi’s whole food diet changes with each season and the demands it makes on his body.

B3  hemi grab

Hemi enjoys being the center of our world!

B4 new year 2013 Hemi

Hemi will be 31 in 2013. He has become strong in body and spirt.



Comments (2)

  1. Linda & Kraven

    You are such a beautiful boy who landed in such a special place. Happy to see your journey has continued on a wonderful path. May it continue for a long long time

  2. admin (Post author)

    Thank you, Linda and Kraven! Hemi has brought so much joy to the ranch. He is an inspiration to all. This brisk Texas weather has him even kicking up his heels! Blessings to all, Dr. Cassie


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