Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

All my life I have loved dogs – all dogs. Big dogs, little dogs, black dogs, shaggy dogs, and my favorite the All American Fencer Jumper, aka mutt dog.

I have been involved in dog rescue since 1999 when I started volunteering with a local no-kill shelter. At first I was Ludoat the shelter doing anything and everything and with all kinds of dog breeds and personalities. The dogs came in sick or injured or just plain scared. My job make them feel safe and loved, while giving them a stable routine of good food and holistic health care.

At some point I left the rescue and focused on taking care of the rescues that ended up at our ranch. There were, and still are, plenty of dogs and cats (usually injured) who show up at our fence or gate. I use my skills as a Naturopathic doctor and tap into every tool to help them recover and blossom – nutrition, herbs, homeopathics, essential oils, healing touch.

pippi babyOver the years I have helped many animals improve their quality of life and this knowledge is what I want to share with you.



These are the issues that I am asked about most often:

  • Diet – what whole foods can I feed my dog or cat? Start with Starter Stew.
  • Weight – helping a dog to safely gain weight
  • Overweight – ways to cut the fat out
  • Skin – allergies and how to minimize their effects
  • Emotional health – holistic remedies to try before you consider medication
  • End of life – caring for your beloved fur baby

If you have “tried everything” and are still struggling with a quality program for your dog, I am available for canine consultations Tuesday and Thursday, just use the “Contact Us” form to connect with me.


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