Care Fund

“I never thought that I would be asking people for money.”

Little Pippi arrived when I was one week into chemo.

All during the year, Wellness Ranch comes across abused, abandoned, and unwanted dogs, cats, and horses in our rural area outside of a major city. The number of animals who are tied up, tossed out, or turned out are staggering. We simply cannot close our eyes to an animal in need. We ALwAYS have a rescue or two, or three, or four, living with us.

Helping animals – feeding, housing, emergency care, basic vet care, special medications – means that money is constantly coming out of our own personal pockets. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming.

One day we counted the new kitties, the new puppies, and the mama cat and realized that we needed seven spays and neuters. In order to get these animals adopted, they absolutely had to be vetted and “fixed” first. Even after the spay/neuter surgeries, the animals still need a place to live and be fed daily until they find their fur-ever families.


Ask and you shall receive.

Asking for money is such a personal thing. Maybe if people got something viable in their hand they would feel better about spending money to help an animal? Yes, that felt more heart-centered for me.

Zipper pouches

I decided that I could use some of my creative energy to sew and weave unique items for people and their animals. For instance, cinches and girths from custom dyed, 100% mohair. Baby moccasins from real leather in fun color combinations. Bags and pouches and totes for, well, anything! In the spirit of smiling through challenge, I named my new venture, “Little F’ART Designs”, where function collides with ART! 

I made the items. I listed them on my Facebook page and on my Wellness Ranch Equine Center Facebook page. It’s awkward, but truly if I do not ask, who will know that I need help? In between working with the horses, the nutritional clients, and my own family, I’m sewing and weaving in order to build up the Wellness Ranch Care Fund.

It’s happening, it’s really happening!

Friends and family are purchasing raffle tickets. Friends are donating items. People are ordering my craft work. Most importantly, we got all the funds needed for the seven spay/neuters, along with rabies vaccines, and a few special tests. And now we can buy another bag of dog food. And cat food.

So when you purchase raffle tickets or buy something outright from Little F’ART Designs, you add to our Care Fund and greatly help our efforts to take care of the endless waves of unwanted animals. Thank you. Thank you from the core of our being for sharing your love of animals and helping those who cannot help themselves.

~ Dr. Cassie, August 2017

To purchase items to support our Care Fund, CLICK HERE – Zipper Pouches, Cinches and Girths, Leather Baby Moccasins, Rhythm Beads


  • cartoon wall stickers
  • frozen leggings