Embrace the Healing Powers of Joy

  • Are you looking for a unique outdoor experience to embrace nature and lift your spirits?
  • Are you searching for new ways to bring back peace and healing into your daily life?
  • Are you wondering if it is “ok” to experience joy once again after going through a traumatic event?

Wellness Ranch brings together the healing powers of art, animals, and holistic activities to refresh you mentally and physically.

Meet Dr. Cassie, a multiple cancer survivor who understands the need to rediscover joy and embrace it as you walk through trauma. As a doctor of natural health, she knows the healing powers of the human-animal bond, the importance of rhythm and gentle movement, and the fun that color therapy projects can bring to enhance brain function and pure joy.

This is the foundation of our Joy Club.

At Wellness Ranch Joy Club  you can –


  • Experience the healing energy of the human-horse bond
  • Complete a creative project such as free-form painting, coloring mandalas, or beading a bracelet
  • Learn about the healing properties of essential oils and create your own soothing body lotion
  • Craft a batch of delicious jelly from organic produce
  • Attend a drum circle session and create some positive energy
  • Join our Women’s Circle session for support and encouragement

Joy IS your power button to get you through the rough spots of life.

Healing through Art, Animals, and Mother Nature

The activities at Wellness Ranch have been developed to help people who are going through a traumatic experience do so with compassion and support. They are designed to enhance emotional and physical healing in a relaxed environment with reduced stress and anxiety.

Come to Wellness Ranch – we understand how much you have been through. We can help to bring some joy and sunshine back into your day.

  • cartoon wall stickers
  • frozen leggings